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10 Essential Items Should Be Contained In K9 Medical Kit

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Accidents and emergencies can occur at any time, even with K9s. First aid kits for pets must be available and well-stocked. Owning a K9 first aid kit is important, but stocking it right is more important.This article highlights all the supplies that your K9 first aid kit needs.

Here are the items that should be found in first aid kits: CELOX veterinary granules, K9 tourniquet, tweezer, cold pack, medical tape, towel, self-adhesive bandage wrap, trauma shears, thermal blanket, and gauze bandage rolls.

CELOX Veterinary Granules:

CELOX veterinary granules are essential for hemorrhage control in bleeding dogs. The granules control both arterial and venous bleeding and can stop bleeding from different sites in 3 minutes. In controlling moderate and severe bleeding, CELOX veterinary granules form gels at the bleeding site.

K9 tourniquet:

Just like tourniquets for humans, K9 tourniquets are used for applying pressure to wounds to achieve bleeding control. The design of the best of these tourniquets ensures that they remain attached to the limb of the dog when they are moved.

Self-adhesive bandage wraps:

Self-adhesive bandage wraps are essential supplies in K9 first aid kits because of the role they play in wound dressing. The strong wraps hold dressings in place so that wounds can easily heal. These wraps also play an important role in the prevention of wound infections.The best self-adhesive bandage wraps for K9s are designed to not cause any form of damage to the fur when they are applied.

Trauma shears:

In K9 medical kits, trauma shears are durable medical scissors that cut through the toughest of materials and applicable in emergencies. The shears are designed to be highly effective and prevent accidents to the user. They can also be sterilized using heat.

Medical tape:

Medical tapes are a component of K9 first-aid kits with diverse applications. The application of these supplies ranges from wound dressing to the prevention of infections. The best medical tapes for K9 first aid kits have excellent adhesive properties. The tapes can be cut into different sizes and shapes for a diverse range of applications.

Thermal blanket:

Thermal blankets for K9s keep them warm and prevent hypothermia which can lead to shock. The blankets can be applied over wounded dogs until they get the required medical care to prevent heat loss.


Tweezers are used for the removal of external parasites and other foreign materials from the fur of dogs. Tweezers are particularly used in the removal of ticks from dog skins. If a dog is particularly prone to tick infestations, then a pair of tweezers is particularly an essential component of the first aid kit. Dogs that are prone to ticks should undergo physical checks regularly. Tweezers are important for regular and emergency checks.

Gauze bandage rolls:

Gauze bandage rolls are applied in wound dressing to ensure efficiency and reduce the occurrence of wound infections. When gauzes are properly applied to wounds, they hasten the healing process. When gauzes are part of K9 first-aid kits, they are wrapped around unexpected and chronic wounds as required.


Gloves should be part of K9 first aid kits because of their importance in the prevention of wound infections. When providing any kind of medical care to an injured dog, gloves are worn to prevent the transfer of germs. When germs are transferred to wounds, infections result. By wearing gloves to serve as a physical barrier, infections are adequately prevented and quick healing guaranteed.

Medical information:

Medical information about a dog should be part of its first aid kit. The information that should be part of the kit includes vet history, emergency contact, and immunization records. The storage of the information should be in a waterproof bag. The information should be placed in the waterproof bag before being put in the kit.

Finally, K9 first aid kits should contain items that can be applied to provide basic medical care before professional medical care is gotten.

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