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5 Tips To Find Quality Tourniquet In China

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Tourniquets are important tools for managing emergencies. Research has shown that about 20% of death from traumatic injuries could be avoided if proper emergency services and bleeding control tools like tourniquets are available.

This article takes a critical look at how to find quality tourniquets in China.

Read on to find out more

How to find quality tourniquet in China

China is a hub for various types of tourniquets sold by different manufacturers but online and offline. However, finding quality tournaments in China may involve a rigorous process due to the number of manufacturers that sell both online and offline.

For bulk buying, there is a need to go through a more thorough process in ensuring that you opt for products that are suitable for your situation. Here are the different aspects you should consider when finding quality tourniquets in China.

FDA certification

As mentioned above, tourniquets are FDA-certified products. This is why specific standards are applied to tourniquets.

Research has shown that the FDA applies at least an ISO 9001 certification to tourniquets. This means that before you buy a tourniquet you should confirm that it is FDA certified.

Apart from confirming that a tourniquet is FDA certified, you should also get to know the specifications of the tourniquet you are about to buy.

The manufacturer of the tourniquet will most likely list the requirements on their website.

Always ask for and confirm FDA certifications because it is an indication that the manufacturer followed the global standards needed when producing a quality device.


The length of the tourniquet is another important feature to consider before opting for one. Tourniquets are designed as open-loop and closed-loop systems.

Those with open-loop systems can be easily placed over the concerned limb, and this could be with minimal restrictions based on the length.

Tourniquets with closed-loop systems can be more difficult to apply to an injured limb if they are not of the desired length and size.

Irrespective of the type of system with which a tourniquet was designed, it is important to consider the length because it must be built to meet specific standards in length.

The general standard for the length of a tourniquet is 37 inches. Remember that the length is important when applying the required quantity of pressure on a wound. Choose one with the right length only.


Sampling is an important aspect of choosing quality products from China. Before making the final order, it is vital to get a sample with the features you desire. Test the sample to be sure that it meets the technical specifications listed by the manufacturer and also determine its efficiency.

One aspect you should particularly pay attention to is the ease of tightening the lamp which is an indication of the tourniquet quality as a whole.

Remember that if you cannot tighten the lamp, it will not mount the required pressure on the wound. Instead, it ends up being useless and ineffective.

Also, if the tourniquet takes too long to tighten, the bleeding continues thereby resulting in fatal consequences.

Note that low-quality tourniquets are tightened in four to five circles. This is below the required standards of two to three circles.

The TCCC guidelines state that tourniquets should be tightened in two circles, at most three.

Use the sample to test the ease of tightening the lamp. If the lamp tightens in two or three circles, you’re good to go on that end and can consider the tourniquet to be of good quality.

Do not opt for a tourniquet that tightens in more than three circles. Tourniquets are required in emergencies and are useless when they cannot stop the bleeding in the required time. Fatal consequences could also result due to their ineffectiveness.


Pricing is a critical factor to consider when buying tourniquets from China.

In fact, pricing is an important factor to consider when getting any kind of product from China, especially from the factories.

China factories are known for the cheap prices of their products which is typically not considered in line with the quality.

Getting products at a ridiculously cheap price could mean compromising on quality.

Therefore when buying a tourniquet from China, remember that quality must be a priority.

Do not bargain for prices that will mean a lower quality of tourniquets. As you bargain, pay attention to the prices and the quality compromises that could be made.

Agree on the features and technical specifications you need and make bargains based on these ensuring that no unnecessary compromise is made.

Getting quality tourniquets from China means striking a good bargain that does not require compromising on the important features. If the price is too good to be true, you’re probably getting a counterfeit or low-quality product.

Ask professional questions

One aspect of the process of getting good quality tourniquet from China which you shouldn’t overlook is the period of asking professional questions.

Do your research and get expert knowledge on your desired product before approaching the manufacturer. You can then interact with the factory armed with professional questions that will give insights into their expertise.

Asking professional questions will save you a lot of trouble and money. Manufacturing experts should be able to answer questions on product specifications, production methods, and assembly products.

If the manufacturer cannot provide convincing answers to your questions, then they are probably not the best choice for you.

Other notable Factors to consider


Your budget is also a major factor to consider when buying a tourniquet.

This is because there are different types of tourniquets in the online and offline market and their cost varies largely. However, while considering your budget, it is vital not to jeopardize quality for the costs. Quality must be a top priority.


Furthermore, storage is an important consideration when choosing a tourniquet. Tourniquets are needed in emergencies, and this means that they should be readily available and accessible.

If you are prone to sustaining injuries that will require a tourniquet, then you should focus on getting one that is portable and easy to carry around.

Opt for tourniquets that fit into spaces like cargo pockets and belt pouches or those that come with special cases.

Quality control

Quality is an all-important consideration when choosing a tourniquet. Since these are standard and specialized devices, tourniquets are made in line with established regulations.

The FDA certifies tourniquets with at least ISO 9001 certification. Always confirm the certification of the tourniquet before opting for one and stick to trusted sources.

Having highlighted the general factors to look out for before choosing a tourniquet, this article will further provide a guide on how to find quality tourniquet and trusted sources and suppliers in China.

Why is finding quality tourniquets in China important?

It is vital to clearly state that finding the right tourniquet in china involves a rigorous process due to the large volume of low-quality and counterfeit tourniquets available both online and offline.

In fact, a lot of factories are ready to compromise on quality so that they can sell their products at the lowest prices available.

However, you must keep your eyes up and focus on finding nothing but quality tourniquets. This effort will end up being a great investment for you and your team.

Start from the general features and move on to the specific details you should pay attention to when getting tourniquets from China.

After choosing your preferred tourniquet type, proceed by carrying out extensive research to become acquainted with the features. You can then approach the factory armed with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Also, remember to request a sample. Testing the sample will provide more insights on whether you've made the right choice. While bargaining and discussing with the factory, remember to never compromise on quality. Remember that having a low-quality tourniquet is as good as not having a tourniquet.


As stated above, over the years, China has made a name for itself as a hub for various types of tourniquets. However, it is very much possible to find quality tourniquets in China. Embracing the steps listed in this article can help you find the right quality tournament customized for that situation. In addition, it is vital to arm yourself with the right information about your desired product, ask questions, request samples and carry out a test before opting for one.

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