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Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Hey! I'm Sasha.

The founder of YEYE Tactical from China.

I'm 32 and I've been in first aid field for eight solid years. I love to design and develop first aid equipment, kits and I also love conducting first aid training.

How it all started

After working in the ambulance equipment industry for years – and gaining much experience in trading essential medical devices and products – I realized that something was missing.

Not with me, personally, but in the industry. I discovered that most of the equipment companies and factories that I have worked or interacted with were growing at a very slow pace, largely because they lacked new ideas to develop and innovative products and nothing was being done to overcome the inertia.

Something else caught my attention. I found out that the existing products were unprofessional, old-fashioned, and unpractical.

Let me explain.

Most of the firms I assessed don’t invest in upgrades, so the devices and tools they produced had outdated features that made them ineffective and mostly useless when applied in current real-world situations or by medical experts.

Due to the love I have for the field, I couldn’t stand by and do anything, so I decided that I was going to change the situation by developing quality and advanced first aid, MADE IN CHINA equipment.

With a new vision, I quit my job and started my own first aid manufacturing company. It was a long process that required a lot of hard work, dedication, and determination, but thankfully now I have a great team of experts by my side.

My First Aid Experience

My years in the first aid domain enabled me to garner a lot of experience both as a first responder and an instructor.

To augment my experience and boost my ability to develop enhanced products, I'm always traveling to attend We first aid programs and events around the world, where I participate in various training courses. Also, I have the following certificates and qualifications under my belt:


Red Cross First Aid Certificate

This certification implies that I have acquired all the necessary information and skills to help both adults and children during diverse emergency situations.

I can also administer CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and use AEDs (automated external defibrillator - a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses the life-threatening heart issue).

American Heart Association HeartSaver Certificate

I took this course to add to my knowledge of CPR administration and AED usage. As a Heart Saver, I can successfully perform CPR, which essentially entails chest compressions and rescue breaths on an unconscious and unresponsive person to maintain blood flowing and provide oxygen to the individual's brain and other vital organs.

ITLS Certificate

The International Trauma Life Support training is among the most intensive and rigorous trauma care programs I ever took. But I am glad I took it and earned a certificate.

The course allowed me to gain fundamental knowledge and experience necessary to get the trauma patient from scene to surgery in the best possible condition. And the skills needed to recognize mechanisms of injury; perform an organized, time-efficient assessment; prioritize and perform critical interventions, and appropriately package and transport the trauma patient.


Red Cross Trainer

I am a qualified Red Cross Trainer which means I can effectively transfer the knowledge and skills I have acquired through my training to willing students or first responders. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I am a great instructor and I love and trust the process.

As a red Cross Trainer, I teach responders how to administer first aid care to victims and treat other life-threatening conditions in emergency settings.

Wilderness Advanced First Aid Trainer

If you travel or work in remote areas and need more extensive training than a Wilderness First Aid course, our Wilderness Advanced First Aid course is an excellent choice.

I can teach you how to stabilize, treat, and make evacuation decisions for patients in backcountry environments, and provide long-term patient care and specific injury evaluation.

To help my students function in real-life scenarios, I ensure that they practice outdoors including in wet, muddy, cold, or hot environments.

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Instructor

A TECC instructor should be able to adequately prepare responders to provide tactical care during emergency situations.

When I initially started first aid training, I worked with our emergency center, here in China, SWAT – special weapons and tactical …, hospitals, schools, traffic police, and so on. So far, I have trained and taught first aid skills to more than 2000 people.

I also attended a Desert and Marathon race, where I functioned as an emergency responder and participated in other rescue activities. The event was so much fun and I cherished every moment I spent there.

My recent life Photos

Here are some of my recent photos.

Before we delve into my bucket list, let me tell you about my love for animals. I’m proud of the owner of two dogs and a cat. My hobbies include shooting, farming, and riding horses.

My bucket list

  • Retire before I'm 45 years old and spend all the money I would have amassed on protecting wild animals - as I told you earlier, I’m an animal lover.

  • Have two babies (don’t have any though)

  • Win a female IDPA competition

  • Become a tree after I die – that way I can give back to the planet

  • Take a hot air balloon ride with my mum

  • Ride a horse on the beach (double-check)

  • Save a life by CPR (haven’t done that yet)

  • Play “see you again” by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Putt on my instrument.

  • Finish a Marathon Race

  • Live on an island for one week without food (outdoor survival)

  • Go to Tibet with my family. I heard Tibet is home to some of the friendliest people in the world, amazing landscapes dominated by the sky-soaring Himalayas, and fascinating Tibetan Buddhist heritage. And of course, I want to take pictures of Mount Everest.

  • Watch a dolphin pod play and swim in the sea.

Contact me to be my friend !

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