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Advantages Of MOLLE System Of A First Aid Kit

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

What Is The Advantage Of A Molle System Of A First Aid Kit?

Pronounced as Molly, MOLLE systems are essentials that allow you to attach critical instruments like knives, magazine pouches, holsters, first aid kits and other equipment to the tactical backpack or load-bearing vests. Due to their nature, so many people find it difficult to configure and use them. However, this article takes a detailed look at how the MOLLE system works and provides a few tips on how to make effective use of this fantastic tool.

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What is MOLLE?

Molle stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It is a way to carry gear outside of your pack using nylon straps arranged in a striped pattern primarily found on backpacks. Many people assume that MOLLE is exclusive to military equipment, but that used to be the case. Today, MOLLE has found its way into the civilian industries, thanks to its versatility and the potential for customization that it offers.

What can you attach to your gear using the MOLLE system?

The following items can be attached to your gear using the MOLLE system.

  • Holsters

  • Canteen carries

  • Magazine pouches

  • First aid kits

  • Sustainment pouches

  • D-rings for slings

  • Other general-purpose gear pouches that come in various sizes

How to use the Molle System

Step 1: Choose the attachment point

Before attaching your gear to a MOLLE system, you need to take some time to plan where you will place them. This will largely be determined by the gear size, weight, and how easy it is to access each part.

Step 2: Put the attachment straps through the webbing

Once you have picked where you will like to attach your MOLLE components, you can start by inserting each of the components through the attachment strap of the webbing you want to use.

Step 3: Weave the attachment strap back through the components.

After putting the attachment straps through webbing, there is a need to weave the attachment strap back through the MOLLE webbing. Thern go ahead to pull them to ensure that they are properly secured.

Step 4: Continue interlocking your accessories

You need to continue this pattern until you get to the end of the attachment straps.

Step 5: Secure the snap

Ensure that you secure the snap so that your pouch won't fall off or go anywhere else.

Tips on how to use your MOLLE the right way

Here are some tips on how to use your MOLLE the right way and attach accessories efficiently:

  • If you have an attachment that has multiple straps, simply weave both straps at the same time through the nylon webbing to make the process easier and faster.

  • Make sure you use every row while weaving your sticks through to keep the gear as secure as possible.

  • You can make use of clips to keep your gear intact. Ensure that you opt for clips that are in line with today MOLLE equipment.


MOLLE systems may seem complicated to use and configure at the first instance. However, these systems are easy to use. All you need to do is have a good understanding of how it works and how to attach the accessories rightly to get started.

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