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Christmas gift in bulk for Police/SWAT/first responder/outdoor lovers/students

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

It's snowing, the trees are green, and there are lots of red, white and lighted decorations. Yeah, you guessed it right, it's Christmas, and with this holiday season also comes the thought of "What gift should I get for my friends and family?"

Well, we are here to give you some suggestions if you have friends and family that are police officers, SWAT, first responders, outdoor lovers, or students. Below are some of our gift recommendations

EDC Boo Boo Kit

How often have you had a headache or a minor injury like a small cut or scrape and wish you had the appropriate medication or band-aid to relieve you of the discomfort?

Well, the first aid kit might be too big and inconvenient for you to have on your person at all times, but an Everyday Carry (EDC) boo boo kit will always be handy. An Everyday Carry boo boo kit is a small and compact first aid kit that is perfect for minor injuries.

With a boo boo kit, you can treat a cut, bleeding, and hypothermia. So if you want your loved ones to be prepared for injuries and health challenges that are faced daily, you should get them an EDC boo boo kit. This would be a perfect gift for students and outdoor lovers, and some of the content of the boo boo kit includes

  • Gauze pad that can be used to cushion and guard a wound, apply ointment, absorb blood and other fluids, apply cleansing fluids like rubbing iodine or alcohol on the site of a wound or incision.

  • A bandage can be used to cover wounds, apply pressure controlling bleeding, keep dressings in place, provide support to the body, or support medical devices such as splints.

  • Band-aid can cover small cuts and wounds on the body to protect it from bacteria, friction, dirt, and damage.

  • Medical tape is used to hold bandages or dressings onto a wound.

  • CPR face mask that is used to deliver rescue breaths safely to a patient.

  • Thermal blankets used to keep patients warm.

  • Nitrile gloves are used to protect the wearer's hand from contamination or from contaminating the patient.

First Aid Kit

If you have ever had an injury or any unexpected health-related incident before and you were attended to with a first aid kit, then you have experienced the importance of always having a first aid kit around first hand.

The difference between saving a patient's life or preventing a patient's injury from worsening could be an immediate prehospital medical response provided by someone with first aid training and a first aid kit.

First aid kits can be used to treat cuts, bleeding, hypothermia, CPR, fractures. The standard set by the International Organization for first aid kits is that it should be green and have a white cross on it so that anyone looking for a first aid kit can easily identify it.

This would be a perfect gift for a first responder, and it will still be good for an outdoor lover. Some of the content of the first aid kit include

  • Gauze pad which you can cover a wound, apply ointments and cleaning fluids such as rubbing iodine or alcohol, absorb blood or any other fluid around the site of an incision or wound

  • Bandage which you can control bleeding, secure dressings, provide support to the body and medical devices such as a splint

  • Band-aid which you can protect minor wounds and cuts from dirt, damage, or bacteria.

  • CPR face mask for safe delivery of rescue breaths to a patient.

  • Thermal blanket which you can keep a patient warm and reduces the chances of hypothermia

  • Folded splint which you can immobilize a soft tissue or bone injury in an emergency.

  • Abdominal (ABD) pads which you can absorb discharges from abdominal wounds and any other heavy draining wound.

  • Trauma bandage which can stop a hemorrhagic wound from bleeding.

  • Gloves which the wearer protects themselves from contamination and protects the wound from being contaminated.

Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)

An individual first aid kit is a trauma kit that contains important life-saving materials, controlling bleeding and treatment of major wounds. The IFAK is suitable for treating the M.A.R.C.H acronym, which stands for Massive haemorrhage, Airway, Respiration, and breathing, Circulation impairment, Hypothermia. It is also suitable for gunshot wounds. This gift would be perfect for SWAT, police, and military personnel. Some of the content of the IFAK include

  • 2x CAT Tourniquet that can be used to stop blood flow in an extremity.

  • 2x Chest seals can be used to cover penetrating chest wounds allowing the escape of air without drawing it back in from the pleural cavity.

  • 1x nasopharyngeal (NPA), which is an adjunct that can help keep the airway open.

  • 1x trauma bandage to help stop bleeding hemorrhagic wounds.

  • 1x compressed gauze, which can be used to take care of moderate to severe wounds with a lot of blood loss.

  • 2x gloves with which the contamination of the wearer of injury can be prevented.


You can pick anyone from our above suggestions as a gift for your loved ones, and considering that they are in the frontlines, first responders, outdoor lovers, and students, they should love it because they value their safety, and now they know that you do too.

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