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Colors of thermal blankets and how to choose ?

A thermal blanket is a type of blanket made of thin plastic sheeting that reflects heat. It is designed to help reduce the loss of body heat, and the lightweight material with which it was made makes it easier to use, store and maintain. This article takes a detailed look at them and how to choose. Read on.

Silver Colored Thermal Blanket

This metalized plastic sheet blanket can be used

  • In emergencies that require a person to be protected from weather conditions or to keep warm

  • As a windbreaker and emergency waterproof wrap.

  • To treat or prevent hypothermia and shock.

  • To block and cover from snow, moisture, and rain. This helps to remain dry in wet, damp, rainy, cold weather conditions.

  • To help retain about 90% of body heat during extremely cold weather conditions.

  • In non-emergency conditions such as keeping marathon athletes warm after a race.

  • As a signaling device during an emergency. Its reflective property makes it easy to spot them from a distance.

Golden Colored Thermal Blanket

The golden color of this mylar blanket gives it a high visibility level from the air. It will also stand out in water or snow because of its color.

The Golden Thermal Blanket is an emergency survival blanket that will keep you warm in any condition. It can be used to prevent shock and hypothermia in intense weather conditions, such as rain, snow, or cold temperatures. The golden color of this thermal blanket makes it easier to spot from the air if you are stranded in a vehicle or other large object for an extended period of time. You can also use this thermal blanket to remain dry while camping on-the-go because it is waterproof. This is a great way to stay warm and dry, no matter your climate!

If you are stranded in the cold weather for an extended period of time or if there is a possibility that it could happen because of your job or frequent travel plans, make sure you have one of these survival blankets with you at all times. The golden color makes it easy to spot from above in case someone needs to find you quickly after disaster strikes. It will also stand out when in water; this can be helpful when looking for survivors along coastal areas that typically experience rough waters during winter.

It's important to note that while the Golden Thermal Blanket does not come waterproof like some other thermal blankets on our website ,it still keeps users dry even when exposed to damp or rainy weather conditions because it is windproof, moisture proof, and waterproof.

The golden emergency blanket can be used as sleeping bag liners and ground covers. For climbing, hiking, backpacking, camping.

It is made of a metallic material that reflects body heat inwards to keep warm when it gets cold outside which makes the thermal blanket lightweight for travel purposes. It comes in an easy-fold package so you don't have to worry about taking up too much space or having something bulky weighing you down during your outdoor adventures. The reflective surface provides protection from harsh winds and other elements while at the same time providing warmth needed throughout chilly nights out on the trail even if there's no fire pit available to sit around with your friends and family members while making memories together under the starry night sky after dark hours. The emergency blanket also comes with a hood that can be used to keep your head warm during outdoor adventures.

When you're done using the golden thermal blanket it returns back into its original easy-fold package so you don't have to worry about having something bulky or cumbersome weighing down your backpack while climbing, hiking, backpacking and camping throughout various regions of the world near and far.

So it can be used

  • In emergency survival conditions to maintain up to 90% body heat.

  • To remain dry in cold, wet, damp, and rainy weather conditions because they are windproof, moisture proof, and water proof.

  • To prevent shock and hypothermia in intense weather conditions.

  • As sleeping bag liners and ground covers.

  • For climbing, hiking, backpacking, camping.

Safety Orange Colored Thermal Blanket

  • The polyethylene material of this thermal blanket helps it to reflect 90% of body heat.

  • It is water-proof, windproof, and it can protect from snow, rain, moisture, heat, and cold.

  • It is appropriate for trekking, hiking, camping, cycling, climbing, hunting, boating.

  • It can easily be packed in first aid kits and other emergency kits.

  • It can help to keep warm and prevent hypothermia and shock.

  • It can also be used as a base pad, solar oven, backpack cover, ground cover, emergency shelter, bivouac bag, arm sling, tourniquet, etc.

  • The orange color stands for emergency hence, it can be used to signal rescuers in the case of an emergency. The orange colored emergency blanket has a dual purpose . It can be used as a signaling device in case of an emergency , and also to keep the person warm . Emergency blankets are often found in cars, boats , camping gear and many other places where people might get stranded unexpectedly . They are usually compact and lightweight, making them quite portable .

Olive Drab colored Thermal Blanket

The Olive Drab space blanket for Emergency Situations is the perfect portable emergency solution that you should have with you at all times. It can be used as a rain coat, a tarp or ground cover, and during an SOS rescue it can be used to signal for help .

The color of the blanket has the specialty of blending into the environment, and it can also be used to hide in forests because of its color. It reflects and retains 90% of the human body heat radiated preventing the body from cooling down. It doesn’t allow for penetration of wind or moisture. They can also be given to marathoners at the end of an event. They can be used during camping, emergency cases, and sporting events. It can be used to treat shock and prevent hypothermia. This blanket can be used to shelter from cold and rain and can be cleaned easily.

Camouflage Colored Thermal Blanket

This color emergency blanket used to conserve body heat and remain warm, and also to prevent hypothermia in intense outdoor conditions. They retain up to 90% of body heat to keep body temperature. The blankets are windproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, and also reusable. They can be used for ground shelters and to protect from the sun. They can also be used by marathoners as ultralight blankets.

In a survival situation, it is important to have shelter and bed coverings. This camouflage color emergency blanket can be used as both of those things! It’s also a good sleeping bag liner, because you can wrap up with it if the temperature gets too low.

The best part about this product is that it folds up to about the size of a deck of cards, so you can store them easily in your bug out bag or camping kit. They are even recyclable!

They are suitable for camping, hiking, boating, camping, etc. They can also blend easily with foliage, and are a good sleeping bag liner.


The various colors all have some properties that are common to thermal blankets as a whole. Thermal blankets are a great addition to kits when stepping out. Knowing the properties of the different colors also helps to make the appropriate choice.

There are many different occasions when you may need to use a first aid blanket. They can be used in the home, in the first aid kit, or even in the car! First aid blankets come in all sorts of colors and sizes, so they're perfect for any occasion.

Here is a list of some common uses for these space blankets:

- Use them at home as an extra layer of warmth on cold temperature.

- Pack it up with your first aid kit if you plan to go camping or hiking. It's always good to have one around just in case!

- Keep one handy inside your car during winter months because it will help keep passengers warm while waiting out snowstorms together.

- Add one to your first aid kit if you are an outdoor sports enthusiast. You never know when someone might get injured or have a medical emergency out in the woods!

These blankets also come with reflective surfaces, so they can be used as safety devices at night outdoors. Bring it along on camping trips and attach it to yourself while you hike around during dusk hours for added protection against predators. It will give drivers more time to spot you before any accidents happen behind the wheel of their vehicle too! There are many ways that these helpful items can make life safer for everyone involved. All colors work well under different circumstances but the orange ones are especially good because they're easy to see day or night no matter what color shirt somebody is wearing.

Another use for a survival blanket is to stay warm while camping or hiking in the woods! They are very reflective and can be attached to yourself during dusk hours of your hike so drivers have more time to see you before an accident happens. You never know when someone will get hurt or need medical attention so it's good to always keep one with you just in case! All colors work well but orange ones especially stand out against darker clothes making them easier than other colors to spot at night outdoors.

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