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How can I check if the first aid supplies are FDA approved?

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

The importance of having a functional first aid kit cannot be overemphasized. The first aid kit offers many benefits, especially in treating victims of a medical emergency, and saving lives. However, it isn’t only vital to have a first aid kit; you must ensure that the kit is FDA approved before opting for one.

This article takes a detailed look at how to check if a first aid supplies are approved by the FDA.

Read to find out more.

How to check if the suppplies are FDA Approved ?

The Food and Drug Administration is a Department of Health and Human Services agency saddled with the responsibility of promoting and protecting the public’s health.

The agency, which was originally created to check the sales of misbranded foods and drugs, has now grown to approving and enforcing regulations for medical devices.

It is vital to check and be sure that a First aid kit is FDA approved before opting for one.

Here is a detailed step that could be of help.

Step 1: Get the Owner Operator Number or Registration Number from the supplier first.

You must start by asking the supplier for his or her registration number.

Every supplier who is duly registered with the FDA is given a registration number that can be used to access the FDA website and make further changes in the future. This number is of great importance to the supplier and you as a customer interested in purchasing the first aid supplies. It assures you that the supplier is duly registered and has the interest of the customer at heart.

Step 2: Search the supplier’s registration number by clicking here.

The Establishment Registration & Device Listing link above displays all products owned by the first and registered with the FDA. To search follow these process:

  • On the website, enter information in one or more boxes and choose the search button.

  • Fill the boxes by choosing the drop-down arrow next to them and pick one item on the list.

  • If you don’t see the right information from the search, try by entering just a single portion of the word you used in your search.


  • Question: Some companies sent the certification and said they are FDA approved. Should I trust them?

  • Answer: It is important to note that the FDA itself does not make these certificates. Unfortunately, the certificate does not state if the first aid kit you bought is FDA approved.

  • The only way to check if it is FDA approved is to search the number on the website:

Tips for FDA First Aid Kit Registration

If you are interested in getting your first aid kits registered by the FDA, here are some tips that you need to know:

  • An empty first aid kit will be needed for FDA registration.

  • A first aid kit with contents and supplies will also be required for the FDA.

  • FDA also carries out an annual check to ensure that you are in line with their policies and programs. The contents of the first aid kit will be checked at least every 12 months to ensure that the supplies are usable.

  • If you get the FDA numner from the supplier, you also will get a product list shows which product is FDA approved.


As stated above, the first aid kit offers many benefits to the user and victim especially during medical emergencies. However, it is vital to ensure that the kit you opt for is duly approved by the FDA, and is in compliance with federal laws. Visit the link above and search your suppliers registration number to get started.

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