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Price range of wholesale tourniquet from china

Are you in the market for wholesale tourniquet from China? If so, you are not alone. According to industry reports, most businesses prefer to buy their first aid kit and supplies in bulk from China.

This is because the Chinese market makes the costs of first aid kit cheaper than you might find at your local pharmacy or grocery store.

However, the problem is that it can be difficult to know where to start when buying wholesale first aid tourniquets from China or how to ensure you get a good deal on the products.

The cost of a tourniquet in China ranges from one type to another. Some tourniquets will be expensive, and others will be cheap and affordable to buy. This article provides more details on the price of this elastic band in china.

What is a tourniquet?

A Tourniquet first aid kit is a medical device used to stop blood flow in an injured extremity to prevent massive blood loss. This leads to quicker treatment and more effective healing.

This emergency kit can be made of several materials, such as rubber, cloth, or metal. More advanced models in China allow for greater comfort and ease of use. Many are also adjustable, so you can tighten them until they are just right for your unique needs.

Most importantly, you don't want a first aid kit tourniquet that doesn't work correctly or isn't comfortable enough for extended wear—these could lead to permanent nerve damage and may not be safe for other uses.

Types Of Tourniquets And Their Price Range

There are three different types of tourniquet: They include the rubber, combat, and buckle tourniquet.

When used correctly, they can provide a valuable service in emergencies where it is difficult to stop bleeding by other means.

Let's take a look at the 3 types of tourniquets and their market range

Rubber tourniquet

The most common kind of tourniquet is the rubber band covered tourniquet. This tourniquet is applied to patients whose blood vessels are difficult to compress with bare hands, such as those with poor blood circulation or weak wrists.

A rubber tourniquet is not soft but flexible and is stronger than a rubber band. It is easier to use and safe for medical usage.

Rubber tourniquet ranges of $0.12/pc to $0.05/pc EXW.

Please note that the price depends on the final quantity. In China, manufacturers produce standard rubber tourniquet and customize them to suit the need of your organization.

Buckle Tourniquet

Most buckle tourniquets are made of stainless steel, aluminum, or nylon. You can find a buckle tourniquet with buckles that cost $0.49/pc to $0.26/pc EXW, depending on your final quantity and required strap thickness.

You should choose a buckle tourniquet according to your budget, size, and material requirement. There are also other optional options for buckle tourniquet like color, length, or width.

These options will affect your price range too. If you need buckle tourniquet customization like custom color & logo, Chinese manufacturer can have them customized for your business use.

In addition, when you order 1000 pieces or more of these tourniquets buckle at a time, you can get a good discount on them.

Combat application tourniquet (CAT)

A combat application tourniquet (CAT) is an elasticized strap used to stop arterial bleeding. Made with a cotton core, surrounded by a rubber shell, and protected by a plastic buckle, it was initially developed for use in battle and rescue scenarios by soldiers and other military outfits.

Today, a combat application tourniquet (CAT) has become an invaluable tool for emergencies bleeding in hospitals, homes, and on-the-go medical professionals.

It is ideal for those who are tall or overweight and those with missing limbs or fractures. Additionally, since its design permits multiple uses, it saves time and money in hospitals with high patient volumes while reducing exposure to contaminated items.

In China, the price difference is big for combat application tourniquet (CAT) due to their different quality.

The bad quality combat application tourniquet (CAT) costs $2.5/pc to $2.1/pc EXW.

However, the good quality combat tourniquet (CAT) is $ 4.2/pc to $3.8/pc EXW.

The price range of these CAT is varied according to different sizes, colors, and craft of quality combat tourniquet.

5 tips on how to save money while buying tourniquets in China

You should take steps to save money on buying more tourniquets and accessories in China.

Keep things light and simple

If a product is being shipped from China to the USA, then suppliers like wholesalers prefer FOB terms because it helps them reduce potential risks and responsibilities after goods are sent out. So, by accepting FOB terms, sellers do not have to deal with clearing customs, and you do not have to pay extra taxes. Also, when using FOB terms, they can pass more costs onto buyers by charging more for shipping services which usually make up a large portion of their costs.

Buy your CAT directly from the manufacturer to save money

Because tourniquets are medical devices, the Food and Drug Administration must meet strict standards. Unfortunately, that also makes them more expensive to produce.

However, you can buy your tourniquets directly from a manufacturer like YEYETACTICAL to ensure quality assurance and brand consistency across lots and batches of your supply.

Bulk buying

If you need a large quantity of these elastic band, you can save money by buying them in bulk. Bulk buying is also helpful if you have to buy different types for each member of your team or organization.

You don't have to worry about paying for unused products either; bulk buying lowers your risk because these items are non-refundable.

Just make sure that you keep track of your purchases. That way, when it comes time to use them, you'll know which ones work best for what situation and how many you'll need.

Buy your tourniquets from wholesales in China

China is a huge source of low-cost medical supplies, and tourniquets are no exception. Buying from wholesales in China can save you up to 80% or more than buying them from traditional vendors or resellers in your country. A great medical supply is an affordable option when you shop from China.

Do not only focus on price when looking for tourniquets

Buying cheap and low-quality products is one thing you should avoid when shopping for high-quality supplies in China. In addition to finding good products, you should also find sellers who can offer both good prices and great service so that you will have an easier time getting what you need when you need it.

Try to get samples of different types of tourniquets

If you can get samples of different types of tourniquets, then you will be able to see which ones are best suited for your needs and preferences before deciding which ones to purchase in bulk.

Find out if there are any restrictions on importing medical devices into your country

You should always research whether or not there are any restrictions on importing medical devices into your country before ordering anything online because otherwise, customs officials might seize all of your items at customs if they think they are illegal items.


Tourniquets or elastic band are very important in emergencies that might arise during first aid, and while one can still be applied, there's a much better chance of survival.

To ensure that you are not ill-equipped to handle such situations, we recommend you consider getting some made right here in China.

You will find a great variety at various price ranges, so you should be able to find something that matches your budge. What matters is that you keep searching until you find what works for your business model and style.

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