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Some Tips for Bulk Promotional Gift-The First Aid Kit. Save your money!

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

First aid kits are functional and purposeful items that can be used as promotional materials by different organizations. These kits are great ways to tell your customers that you care about them.

In this article, we will be showing you some vital tips for promotional first aid kits.

Read on to find out more.....

What is a first aid kit?

A first aid kit is a collection of equipment used for medical treatment. What is contained in a first aid kit varies and is usually based on the experience and knowledge of those who put them together.

However, the international standard for first aid kits requires that they will be identified by the ISO graphical symbol which is an equal white cross.

Why use first aid kits as promotional materials?

Before delving into further details, it is vital to state that using first aid kits as promotional materials is an excellent choice your customers will love.

This is because accidents are preplanned and they can occur at any time. These kits help them to provide the right assistance during emergencies at home or in the workplace.

In addition, using first aid kits as promotional materials tell your customers that you care about them and creates a positive impression about your company.

Besides, it will amaze you to know that most customers do not understand the importance of having first aid kits in their home. In fact, they do not view this as a necessity.

But you can help correct this impression by providing first aid kits to them and educating them on the importance of its use.

Furthermore, first aid kits can be branded easily to serve as a means of also advertising your business and reaching a wide audience.

You can start by having a team who decide and curate items that will be included in the kit. These items can be easily branded using your company logo or name.

One more thing.

First aid kits can be customized to fit your company budget. In

fact, you don't have to spend much while using these beautiful items as

promotional materials.

Tips for curating promotional first aid kits

Curating promotional first aid kits requires much more than just ordering what you need from a manufacturer or supplier. It also requires sourcing for components that will be useful to your clients. Always put in mind that the goal is to show the receiver that you care without breaking the bank. We have curated some tips that can be of help.

1. Keep the kits compact and small

The first tip for curating promotional first aid kits is to keep them small and compact. Make sure that you have a kit that is portable and can be carried around during emergency situations. It is better that you opt for a size that can fit into small spaces. Perhaps a pocket-sized kit.

2. Ensure the kit contains essential supplies

We would like to clearly state that a first aid kit must contain items that become useful when the need arises. The receiver must not consider any component of the kit useless.

We have put together a list of essential items you can add to your promotional first aid kit. They include:

  • Standard bandage: Standard bandage is an essential component of a first aid kit. The bandage can be applied in supporting a dislocated or sprained joint. It can also be used in securing dressings, as it exerts the required amount of pressure. The overall function of a standard bandages is to provide firm and flexible support.

  • Butterfly bandage: The name, butterfly bandage comes from its shape. The bandage strips have a thin non-adhesive middle part and an adhesive wider part. Due to its shapes, this bandage is used to help wounds heal on time.

  • Knuckle bandage: As the name implies, knuckle bandages are designed for the knuckle. They are made of adhesive materials and provide better flexibility than other types of bandages. Knuckle bandages can be placed over cuts, scrapes, and wounds.

  • Gauze pad: Gauze pads are very beneficial in emergency cases. They can be used for draining wounds, they are also beneficial in aseptically adding ointments or treatment to a wound. Gauze pads are available in different sizes.

  • Thermal blanket: During emergencies, the body temperature could drop and cause dire consequences. Thermal blankets help to prevent this drop in temperature called hypothermia. The blanket also conserves body temperature by creating a barrier to prevent energy loss.

  • CPR face shields: During emergencies, CPR may be required with the first aider blowing air into the lungs of the unconscious person. CPR face shields are designed to improve the quality of air and prevent infection.

  • Gloves: Your clients will find gloves useful during emergencies. They are worn to prevent infection and protect the first aider and the receiver. Having a few pairs of gloves will definitely make a difference in a first aid kit.

  • Antiseptic cleansing wipes: Antiseptic cleansing wipes have a wide range of applications. Wounds can easily become infected if they are not handled aseptically. These wipes are designed for preventing wound infection.

We want you to note medicine and pills you may need in your first aid kits like Ibuprofen and Aspirin cannot be shipped from China to the US.

3. Choose a good and fashionable design

We understand that first aid kits are important items. However, they can be designed to be fashionable. The plan is to provide a kit that your customers will be proud to carry while going about their daily activities.

Of course, you know they may abandon the first aid kits at their homes, if they are not of good design.

So, yes, the design of a first aid kit matters. Keep the design fashionable. You should aim for a unique design that is functional.

If your target audience cuts across different demographics, you can tweak the designs according to the preference of each audience.

4. Curate budget-friendly kits

As we have earlier mentioned, first aid kits come at various prices. You can tailor their design to meet your budget. It is vital to stick to your budget. Remember that this is a promotional material and you are not making any financial benefit from it. Instead, you are showing your customers how much you care and also advertising your brand.

While sticking to your budget, ensure that you only opt for high quality and functional items to be placed in your kit. To do this, simply carry out detailed research and identify items that should make it to your kit.

Go ahead and source for these items from trusted suppliers and manufacturers.

5. Opt for durable items

We agreed earlier that the choice of a first aid kit as a promotional material is to show your customers how much they mean to you.

You can go the extra mile by ensuring that the content is capable of lasting up to two years.

You might be wondering how to pull this through since you have a limited budget.

Never mind, it's quite easy.

Instead of getting a bit of everything, you can buy a few items and ensure that the kit is worth giving out.

The band-aid should be packaged individually in OPP bags and make sure the items in the kit are organized well.

6. Add a carabiner or loop

A carabiner or loop adds an extra layer of functionality to first aid kits. With this, the kit can be easily attached to backpacks. It is vital to add this item to your kid. Additionally, if you have a flexible budget, then you should include a flashlight or scissors.

Things to consider when curating a first aid kit

Having covered the core information you need about promotional first aid kids, let’s take a look at some of the factors to consider when curating one.

  • Your budget:

Your budget plays a huge role in determining the components of your first aid kit. You must first of all determine how much you will be willing to spend on a promotional material.

  • Determine your target audience:

Thankfully, first aid kits are suitable for different demographics. However, some kits may be best suited for females, kids, or male folk.

  • Choose the components of the kit:

We highlighted a few essential components of first aid kits. Based on your research, decide on the most suitable components for your target audience. Your budget will also influence your choice. Remember to focus on getting good quality items that will be useful to your target audience.

  • Find the right suppliers/manufacturer:

Armed with all information you need to put together a functional first aid kit, go ahead to search for manufacturers and suppliers that could provide these items. Ensure that you confirm the quality of every item before making payment.

  • Branding:

Put the kit together and distribute it according to the marketing or promotions plans. Ensure that these kits are properly branded, don’t forget that this is a great way to sell your brand image and gain the right recognition too.


First aids kits are excellent promotional materials for small, large, and medium-scale firms. They can be used as promotional materials to show your clients how much they mean to you.

In this article, we have thoroughly reviewed how to use first aid kits for promotional materials while saving lots of money. Follow the steps listed above and you will definitely get a fulfilling result.

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