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The PPE Kit

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

The PPE Kit

Personal protective equipment (PPE) kit contains essential materials that protect humans against infectious diseases. These materials are typically worn and used in areas where exposure to infectious diseases is bound to occur. With the COVID-19 pandemic, PPE kits have become essential items used in different environments and not restricted to hospitals and research centers only. This article takes a look at what the PPE kits, how it works and its importance. Take a look

How do PPE kits work?

PPE kits work by creating a barrier between the infectious agent and the person wearing the kit. They are very important in preventing the spread of infections that occur as a result of contact with an infectious agent. Due to this, they are worn in areas where contact with infectious agents is bound to occur.

Contents of PPE kits and their uses

The components of PPE kits are materials that protect against contact with infectious materials. Here are some important items contained in a PPE kit.


Gloves serve as a barrier between the hand and surfaces. Wearing a pair of gloves thus protects against contact with the potentially infectious materials on surfaces or materials handled.


This protects the user’s clothing from contact with potentially infectious materials. These gowns are sown to cover from the arm to the wrist as well as the full length.

Shoe and head covers

Like other components of PPE kits, shoe and head covers serve as a form of barrier to prevent the transport of infectious agents onto the surface of shoes and the hair. The use of this component is restricted to environments where contact with highly infectious agents is sure.

Surgical masks

Surgical masks protect the nose and mouth from exposure to different types of body fluids. They are an essential part of droplet protection requirements. Wearing surgical masks can protect against bodily fluids like vomit, respiratory secretions, feces, and blood.

Face shields

Face shields are components of PPE kits aimed at protecting the face, eyes, and nose. Since face shields extend from the forehead area and below the chin, they protect the mucous membranes of the mouth, eyes, and nose.


Goggles specifically protect the mucous membranes of the eyes. They are worn directly over the eye. They could also be worn over prescription glasses.

Antiseptic Wipes

This is an important component of the PPE kit vital in keeping a surface clean.


The PPE kit contains essential items that prevent the spread of infectious diseases like COVID 19. They are perfect for use in the hospital, research center and even at home.

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