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What can trauma shears cut

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Additionally, the trauma shears can be used in another scenario in the medical scene. Orthopedic technologists can use them as an alternative to cast removal saws to remove casts and splints from their patients.

Removing clothing is not the only use of trauma shears, and it is not the only thing it can cut through. The blades of the shears are sharp and strong enough, and they enable it to cut through small twigs, straps of seat belt, jeans, and thick denim jackets, coats, shoes and boots, thin metal, which might be obstructing the rescue of a person in an accident or performance of assessment on a patient. The usage of trauma shears has also grown in popularity among other industries and individuals that have no relation to the medical scene.

An example of this is fishermen who may choose to use the trauma shears to cut through spider wire and heavy fishing lines when they are out on an excursion. Gardeners can also find a use for it when they open hefty fertilizer bags or even cut off the plastic pots that come with plants when they are gotten from stores.

Divers can also use shears made of stainless steel and are salt waterproof to cut themselves out of any wire or fishing net they could be caught in while swimming in deep waters. It can also find a place in the kitchen as chefs can use the trauma shears to cut through tough meat. Rock climbers can also cut away pieces of clothing that might get stuck on the rock or in any of their equipment with trauma shears.

However strong and useful they might be to emergency medical personnel, the trauma shears are not recommended in any surgical procedure.

Although some trauma shears might come with directions on how to sterilize and heat the shears if there should be the need for a sterile pair, using the shear in this manner should be viewed as a last resort.


The trauma shears can be the difference when in an emergency due to their rugged construction and ability to cut through some tough material. This makes it very valuable to emergency medical personnel and others.

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