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5 equipments that are used for emergency immobilization

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Immobilization is an important procedure for first responders and medical personnel to prevent further injuries in an emergency scenario. There are different types of required equipment, and they are dependent on the site of application.

  • Head Immobilizer

The head mobilizer, also known as a Cervical Immobilization Device (CID), is a device that is made to help prevent excessive movement of the head and neck in cases where there is suspicion of spinal injury. They are used with a backboard

  • Cervical Collar

Cervical Collars are also used to limit the head and neck movement, commonly by patients who had cervical spine surgery. It can also be used to treat neck pain from trauma.

  • Kendrick Extrication Device (KED)

This is a device used to extricate car accidents victims. It is used to stabilize the victim found in a sitting position in case of back or neck pain. It is a low-flexibility device, and it is attached to the victim’s legs, torso, and head to prevent movement and additional injuries.

  • Splint

A splint is a flexible or rigid device used to protect and support injuries in the bones, ligaments, tendons, and other tissues. It helps the healing process of broken bones by keeping the broken ends together as straight as possible. It can also be used to protect pain, swelling, or an injured area from additional injuries.

  • Pelvic Sling

This is an external non-invasive stabilizer that is used to compress and stabilize an unstable pelvic fracture. It has an inflatable cuff that exerts lateral pressure on the pelvis to stabilize the pelvic ring externally and restore anatomic conditions. The reduction of the intra-pelvic volume reduces haemorrhage.

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