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What is the powder that stops bleeding?

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

This prevents complications such as rebleeds after the application of the hemostat. It also shortens treatment times as the first-time responder won't have to spend time searching for more materials to stop the bleeding. After application, the responder can move the victim to the hospital immediately for further treatment.

Recommendations using hemostat

Here are some recommendations for using a hemostat

  • Everyone should own topical hemostatic agents, from hospitals to military medics, emergency medical responders.

  • Topical hemostatic agents combined with direct pressure are more effective for bleeding than using standard gauze, especially for torso and extremities (junctional wounds) like the base of the neck, shoulder, axilla, gluteal area, buttocks, perineum, and the groin.

  • Add hemostatic agent when packing wounds. This better controls hemorrhage than other application formats. It also allows the affected tissues to grow and the wound to heal.

  • Before handling topic hemostatic agents, it's necessary to go through the required training. Individuals should undergo training for pressure application and wound packing techniques before adding hemostats to their first aid kits.

Using hemostats in the workplace

With the knowledge that accidents leading to injuries can happen everywhere, whether, during oil exploration, expedition, merchant shipping, etc., having a hemostat in the company's first aid kit is a wise decision.

It keeps injured employees safe until they can get better health care, especially when hospitals are not close to the office.

Home use of hemostats

Medics do not only use hemostats. Individuals can use it at home to treat injuries sustained around the home area. Injuries ranging from lacerations, abrasions, and minor cuts can happen at home and be treated at home.

There is no need rushing to the hospital when materials are available to stop the bleeding if it's not deep or controls the bleeding if it's deep before going to the hospital. But before using it at home, it's necessary to get training in emergency first aid.


Different powders stop bleeding. But some are more effective than others. Before purchasing any, research by reading reviews from past buyers. However, but make sure it's not the Zeolite powder with a burning sensation.

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