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What should EarthQuake First aid kit contain ?

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

At the moment, so many people do not know that there are first aid kits specifically designed to address emergency situations and hazards like Earthquake. However, the truth remains that earthquake first aid kits abound containing several medical supplies for survivors. This article takes a look at the necessary items that must be contained in an earthquake first aid kit.

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What is an earthquake first aid kit?

An earthquake first aid kit contains medical supplies for emergency treatment, and survival after an earthquake has occurred. The first aid kits typically include a variety of supplies that will help treat cuts, scrapes, and minor injuries, including sprains and burns. An earthquake occurs unexpectedly; therefore, there is a need to have this kit around to save a life before the arrival of medical experts.

What should be in an earthquake first aid kit?

Some of the essential supplies for an Earthquake first aid kit include the following:

  • Adhesive bandages of all sizes: This is used to protect the wound from damage, bacteria, and dirt.

  • Butterfly closures in all sizes: They are thin strips of adhesive used to close small wounds together.

  • Tape roll: Tape roll is used to hold the bandage firmly at both ends.

  • Gauze pad and gauze roll: A gauze pad is a piece of woven cotton used to protect and absorb blood from a wound. At the same time, the Gauze roll is a tightly rolled layer of woven cotton.

  • Scissors: A scissors is a necessary first aid supply used in cutting off bandages for use.

  • Foil blankets: These medical supplies help to prevent hypothermia.

  • Examination gloves: This is used to prevent cross-contamination during treatment between patient and caregiver.

  • Antiseptic cream: This cream can be helpful in healing wounds and protecting them from infection.

  • Tweezer: They can be used to remove debris or splinters from an injury.

  • Alcohol pad: These are disinfectants for affected body areas.

  • Antiseptic Towelettes: They are also known as Benzalkonium Chloride wipes. Antiseptic Towelettes are used in cleaning wounds; they are also effective against viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi.

  • Finger Splint/Tongue depressor: A finger splint keeps the finger in place while it recovers from either a sprain or break. It also increases the limited motion of the finger.

  • Eyewash: Eyewash is a sterile solution used for the removal of foreign substances and also provides relief from pollen, chlorine, and other eye irritations. They can be applied either with a nozzle applicator or an eyecup.

Other vital supplies in an EarthQuake first aid kit include flashlight/glow sticks, flashlight with extra batteries, work gloves to protect the hands against cuts, blisters, etc. matches in a waterproof container, knife, pliers, and scissors, manual can opener, dust mask to protect against non-toxic dust, water purification tablets, waterproof shelter, emergency sleeping bags, blankets.


Finally, the needs of all members of the family must be considered when putting supplies in the first aid kit. Here are other supplies that must be added to the kit

  • Baby supplies like bottles, formula, baby food, diapers.

  • Games and activities for children

  • Pet supplies like a collar, leash, ID, food, carrier, bowl.

  • Two-way radios

  • Extra set of car and house keys.

  • Medical supplies

It is vital to access and check the supplies in this kit every 3-6 months. Also, ensure that your earthquake first aid kit is kept in a waterproof container where it can be accessed easily during emergency situations.

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