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Why do we need trauma shears in a first aid kit

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

There are different sizes of bandages that might be available in first aid kits, but they may not still be the right size to cover an injury or an injury that is in a place that might be difficult to bandage.

Hence, trimming the bandages to the appropriate size is quite necessary so that they can fit into odd locations. There might also be the need to cut out rolls of gauze to render first aid to someone. Cutting the gauze might be a little challenging without the bandage scissors, but with it, the serrated blade will help grab the fabric and keep the scissors in place for more efficient cutting. After applying bandages and securing them in place with adhesives, the bandage scissors can also be used to trim any extra adhesive that might be unnecessary.

Although it may seem like other scissors, such as the manicuring scissors, can be used in place of the bandage scissors, they will not work as well as the bandage scissors would since their blades are not serrated. Also, the tips of many manicuring scissors are pointed, and it would require great care to be taken when attempting to remove bandages with them.

However, the bandage scissors are not expensive, and a pair of them might even be included in a first aid kit. Once you have made use of the scissors, some precautions need to be taken.

To avoid infection when you are either trimming gauze, bandages, or removing bandages, the scissors should first be cleaned. Soaking the scissors in rubbing alcohol will help to provide the quick cleaning that is advised, although they are only considered to be clean and not sterile when this method is used.

Suppose there is no rubbing alcohol readily available. In that case, you could use a waterless hand wash as a lot of them usually contain a high amount of alcohol, and they can help wipe the scissors clean before being used.


Medical scissors are designed for medical purposes. Therefore, it would be a good idea to own a pair, and it would also be advisable that they be kept in a nearby first aid kit. Having more than one pair would also be a good thing, keeping one in the first aid kit in the car, one at home, and another in an emergency kit. Also, keeping waterless hand wash or sealed medical cleaning wipes on hand in case of any emergency would be a good thing as this would keep you more prepared to clean the scissors after usage or to clean cuts.

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