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AeroLock Chest seal is ultra-thin, lightweight, incredibly durable. Its stability under stress, combined with increased stickiness when exposed to blood and sweat, makes it a game-changer for first responders and medical professionals.

To summarize, AeroLock stands out in the market for its:

1. Superior adhesion with Henkel's medical-grade glue.

2. Ultra-thin, lightweight, durable design.

3. Enhanced stickiness in the presence of blood and sweat.

4. Unique packaging box with customizable branding options.

5. Low minimum order quantity for box customization. 

For application in extreme conditions, the Chest Seal has been rigorously tested and proven to maintain effective adhesion at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. This ensures reliable performance even in harsh environments.

AeroLock™ Advanced Chest Seal (Vented)

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