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With its unique compact design, this duct tape is specifically tailored to save space while providing the versatility and strength duct tape is known for.


Key Features:

Size: Measures 4.5cm in width and extends up to 5 meters in length, offering ample tape for various uses while maintaining a small footprint.
Flat and Compact Design: Its flat profile is perfectly suited for first aid kits, ensuring it takes up minimal space and can be easily stored or carried.
Versatility in Use: This duct tape is essential for a range of first aid applications. It can be used to securely hold applied tourniquets in place on limbs, assist in hanging splints, and serve numerous other emergency needs.
Strong and Reliable: Despite its compact size, the tape offers the durability and reliability expected from traditional duct tape, making it a dependable choice in various situations.

YEYETAC™ Tactical Duct Tape

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