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Introducing the MultiAC Squad Medical Kit, our advanced solution designed for group medical care, accommodating up to four people. This kit is not only larger but also features multiple-load carriage configurations to suit various operational needs.

Key Features:

Material: Crafted from durable CORDURA fabric, ensuring resilience in challenging environments.
Zipper: Equipped with a high-quality YKK zipper for reliable and easy access.
Multiple-Load Carriage Configurations:
Fanny Pack Mode: For quick access and ease of carry during active situations.
Over the Shoulder: Offers a comfortable alternative for longer distances or when needing to keep hands free.
Attachments for 3-Day Assault Packs: Integrates seamlessly with larger packs for extended missions or complex operations.
Extra Pouch for Trauma Shears: A specialized external pouch for securely storing trauma shears, allowing for immediate accessibility.
Top Pocket for Urgent Necessities: A strategically placed top pocket for storing casualty cards and nitrile gloves for rapid access in critical moments.
The MultiAC Tactical Medical Kit is the ultimate choice for outdoor groups, tactical teams, and emergency responders. Its versatile design and comprehensive content make it indispensable for those responsible for group safety. Equip your team with the MultiAC, where adaptability and preparedness converge for group medical care.

YEYETAC™ MultiAc™ Squad Medical Kit (Green)

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