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AeroLock™ Advanced Chest Seal

Who is AeroLock ?

AeroLock™ is the newest member of our product line from YEYETAC™.

AeroLock™ is indeed a YEYETAC™ product. It's born from the same commitment to excellence that all our products share. When you see the AeroLock™ name, know that it's coming from us, backed by the quality and trust that you've come to associate with YEYETAC™.

AeroLock™ Chest Seal is ultra-thin, lightweight, incredibly durable. Its stability under stress, combined with increased stickiness when exposed to blood and sweat, makes it a game-changer for first responders and medical professionals.

Picture of AeroLock™ Chest Seal

AeroLock™ Chest Seal aluminum packaging

AeroLock™ Chest Seal Pakcaging with instructions

Advantage of AeroLock™ Chest seal:

  1. Superior adhesion with Henkel's medical-grade glue.

  2. Ultra-thin, lightweight, durable design.

  3. Enhanced stickiness in the presence of blood and sweat.

  4. Unique packaging box with customizable branding options.

  5. Low minimum order quantity for box customization.

AeroLock™ Chest Seal Test Report - Extreme Temperature Resistance

Objective: To evaluate the performance of AeroLock adhesive under extreme cold conditions of -10 degrees/-20 degrees/-40 degrees Celsius.


The AeroLock™ Chest Seal was subjected to a controlled environment at -10 degrees/-20 degrees/-40 degrees Celsius for a duration of 48 hours.

AeroLock™ Chest Seal temperature test

Following exposure, the product was inspected for any physical damage, changes in adhesion quality, and overall stability.


Physical Integrity: No visible damage or alterations in the physical structure of the AeroLock™ Chest Seal were observed post-temperature exposure.

Adhesion Quality: The adhesive quality was assessed through a standard peel test. Results indicated that the AeroLock™ maintained its sticky nature, with no significant reduction in adhesion strength.

Chest Seal Performance: Chest stickers utilizing the AeroLock adhesive remained firmly attached and were not warped, indicating a strong hold and resistance to temperature-induced deformation.

Stability: Throughout the testing period, the product showed no signs of brittleness, cracking, or any other forms of degradation, indicating good stability.

Conclusion: The AeroLock™ Chest Seal demonstrates excellent resistance to extreme cold temperatures, maintaining its integrity, adhesion quality, and stability with no adverse effects.

The additional observation of chest stickers still sticking firmly and not warping further supports its suitability for demanding applications in cold environments. Based on these results, AeroLock™ is recommended for applications requiring robust performance in cold conditions.

AeroLock™ Chest Seal temperature test report

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