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Choosing the Right Tourniquet from China: A Friendly Guide

When it comes to buying tourniquets, most people prefer to import them from China because of the cost-savings benefit since they're significantly cheaper. But these tourniquets have a high rate of failure, which may lead to the death of victims since it's unlikely to effectively stop bleeding. As the picture shows the casualty failed in bleeding control due to the low quality TQ.

Are you wondering if you can find quality tourniquet from China ? The answer is YES but you need to be careful. Here’s a streamlined guide for you:

1. Packaging: First impressions matter. If it's in a non-vacuumed PE bag, think twice. Your best bet? The shrink-wrapped ones. They're like the well-presented dishes at a decent diner - a good indicator of what's inside.

2. Windlass Rod: Forget concave; it's all about the convex. Think of it like choosing between a dull and sharp kitchen knife. The convex rod gives you that extra edge (pun intended).

3. Length: 37.5 inches is the gold standard. But those sneaky cheap ones? They're sometimes just 25.6 inches! Now, imagine you're in a situation where every inch counts. The shorter ones may not give you the leverage or the reach you need, especially for larger limbs.

4. Weight: Remember our balance scales experiment in school? A quality tourniquet should feel substantial, tipping the scales at around 86g. Anything around 50g, and you might be missing some essential components.

5. Single Routing Buckle: The teeth inside this buckle serve to add friction to the self-adhesive band, ensuring that the tourniquet remains tight when applied. For optimal effectiveness, these teeth should be solidly positioned underneath.

6. Windlass Retention Strap: Quality matters here. If it peels off too easily, it's not doing its job. You wouldn’t want a band-aid that doesn’t stick, right?

Remember these tips, and you'll be on your way to getting the quality tournqiuet from China. It's about saving lives, why settle for anything but the best? Safe shopping and keep on saving lives out there!

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