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Material of emergency blanket and which is silent ?

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

An emergency blanket also known as a space blanket, Mylar blanket, safety blanket, weather blanket, thermal blanket, shock blanket, is a type of blanket made of thin, plastic sheeting that is heat-reflective. It is usually a low-bulk and low-weight blanket. They are designed to help reduce a person’s heat loss which could be due to water evaporation, thermal radiation, or convection.

The most common material for making the emergency blanket is polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Polyethylene terephthalate is the most common of all the thermoplastic polymer resins in the family of polyesters, and it can also be used to make fibers for clothing, thermoforming in manufacturing, food and liquid containers, and when combined with glass, it can be used to make engineering resins.

PET Material

The standard thickness of an emergency blanket made from PET is 12 microns. They come in different colors like silver and gold. They are reusable, windproof, waterproof, and moisture proof. They can retain up to 90% of a person’s body heat. They are durable and are insulating. They are also compact, portable, and can be cleaned easily. They are made of a reflective film. They can be used

  • As emergency warming tools

  • To cover from snow, rain, and to keep you dry in wet and wet and damp conditions.

  • To cover backpacks

  • As a sleeping tent or blanket.

  • As a signal to rescuers because of its reflective film.

The downside to blankets made with PET is that they are noisy and can interfere with the sound of rescuers when it is windy.

PE material

Another type of material used to make emergency blankets is polyethylene or polythene (PE). It is thicker than a PET blanket with a thickness of 20 microns. It also retains 90% of body heat, windproof, and waterproof. They are extremely resistant to cold and have some mechanical properties and softness at -600C and -700C respectively.

The major difference between a PET and PE emergency blanket is that the PE blanket is quiet. It doesn’t make the kind of noise PET blankets make in windy conditions.


Emergency blankets are added to first aid kits and it's an added advantage as a piece of camping equipment because it can serve as a beacon to find a missing camper. When space or weight is also taken into consideration, emergency blankets are a great choice. They are also good for backpacking, camping, climbing, hiking, and biking.

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