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Who is YEYE Tactical

Who is YEYE Tactical?

YeYe Tactical is an experienced manufacturer in China who specializes in first aid kits and trauma kits. YEYE Tactical is also a first aid trainer with the TECC training center in China.

With years of experience, YeYe Tactical has mastered the art of making high quality products which are also affordable. Some of her main products include First Aid Kits, Trauma kits, tourniquet, chest seals, compressed gauze, NPA, trauma bandage, splint,etc.

YeYe Tactical believes that everyone deserves to be able to afford the best product, no matter your budget or needs, this is why she tries to provide customers with affordable prices without cutting any corners on the quality of the products.

Why choose YeYe Tactical

1) Top quality materials for first aid kits

Choosing a first aid kit is a challenging task. You have to consider its size, whether it is portable or not, and what it contains. There are many items that you can buy online but choosing them can be a little tricky. If you’re looking for a top quality first aid kit for your business or organization, you must purchase your first aid kits from YeYe Tactical in China; she manufacture high-quality products and place quality at the core when manufacturing items such as first aid kits.

2) Specialize in design and development of first aid kits

With years of experience in developing and producing first aid kits for sports and military, YeYe Tactical design and manufacture a wide range of products, including: survival kit, camping kit, backpacking kit and self-rescue kit.

Each kit comes with an individual pouch and is packed in a compact hard case to ensure all contents are easy to find when needed. The compact kits fit well into luggage or backpacks for quick trips away from home or work.

For serious hikers looking to reduce their pack weight, the lightweight first aid kits are perfect for trekking over several days on trails with challenging terrain where access to medical care may be limited. Also ideal for general use at home or work, these compact kits offer just enough supplies to manage common injuries without weighing you down.

3) Each first aid kits is designed based on first aid experience and test

Because of careful design, Yeye tactical first aid kits are more user-friendly and will be easier to find what you need. All kits are well organized, easy to carry for outdoor use.

They include almost all the bandages and tools you may need for any emergency or accident. All you need is a little training on how to use them properly under pressure, to make your survival in an emergency situation as simple as ABCD. All items in her first aid kits meet international standards and they come with CE certification.

4. Improve design in line with feedback from the world

Feedback from domestic and foreign customers is critical when designing a product. The goal, then, should be to collect feedback early and often - which can be accomplished by using prototypes during any stage of development. Yeye Tactical makes use of this feedback from various parts of the world to improve products and first aid kits content in order to meet your needs.

5. Good price

Cheap is a relative term, of course. But if you’re looking for a first aid kit on a budget—that includes AEDs, gauze, and more—it’s hard to go wrong with YeYe Tactical.

Not only does her kits come at a reasonable price, but they also have a two-year shelf life, so it doesn’t matter if you need to stock up on some extra medical supplies or grab one for your backpack or glove compartment.


YeYe Tactical not only has a big factory but also has a huge production capacity. She can provide custom first aid kits for customers with small MOQ (100pcs). Usually, the lowest MOQ is 100pcs, but if your order is larger than 5000pcs per item, it will be also acceptable.

OEM available

Yeye Tactical offers OEM and custom service, she can print any artwork and logo on your products. She can also customize any product according to your special requirement. such as size, material, color ect. so you needn't worry about product quality problems.

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