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What is A Boo Boo Kit ? 7 essential items should be contained in a boo boo kit

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

What is a Boo Boo Kit?

When it comes to medical supplies for emergency needs, people usually think of trauma kits that contain supplies like tourniquets and other stuff that won’t necessarily be used. However, a boo boo kit offers a better option.

This article takes a detailed look at what a boo boo kit is, the contents and what it can be used for.

Read on to get enlightened.

What is a boo boo kit?

A boo boo kit is a small kit with medical supplies for minor wound care like cuts, grazes, burns, headaches, etc. The boo boo kit is usually a small container or bag - not as large as a first aid kit - that can easily be taken along on any journey in something, even like a handbag or a backpack.

What are the contents of boo boo kit?

Usually, it is possible for you to design or customise a boo boo kit that meets your needs. This can be done by adding supplies that are peculiar to your need when traveling or doing things that are stress-related.

Some of the basic contents of a boo boo kit include


A band-aid is an adhesive bandage used for covering small cuts and injuries. The band-aid was invented in 1920 by an employee of Johnson & Johnson named Earle Dickson in Highland Park of New Jersey. His inspiration for this invention was to protect his wife, Josephine Dickson, who always had burns or cuts on her fingers from cooking. He initially put cotton gauze on an adhesive tape and covered it in crinoline for his wife to use as a band-aid. Not all wounds require the use of a bandage, as it can be harmful to some types of wounds. A bandage can be used for a cut that is not very deep, while injuries like minor grazes or scratches can just be kept clean and left uncovered, and deep wounds that are wide might need stitches to seal them.

Steps in applying a band-aid include:

  • Clean the wound with soap water.

  • Apply antibiotic ointment to help keep the wound from infection and drying out.

  • Pick the correct bandage size for the wound. It will not be effective in protecting the injury if the bandage is too small.

  • Unwrap the bandage and apply it. It is important to be careful while unwrapping the bandage so as not to touch the sterile parts of the bandage.

  • The bandage should be changed every day, and know when you need medical attention.

Gauze pad

A gauze, usually made from cotton, is a light, thin fabric. A gauze pad is a piece of gauze fabric used to protect a wound. It can also be used to soak up blood, apply ointments or cleansing fluids like iodine or rubbing alcohol. There are sterile and non-sterile gauze pads. Sterile gauze pads are more suitable for open wounds, while non-sterile gauze pads are for wounds that have a low risk of infection.

Steps in using a gauze are:

  • Wash hands with soap and water and put on gloves.

  • Clean the wound gently with a piece of wet gauze.

  • Cover the wound with a piece of clean gauze.

  • Hold the gauze in place with tape.

Wound closure

This process helps heal wounds by joining the edges of the wound together. An example is skin glues which are quick and quite painless.

Burn Jel

It helps to ease the pain from minor burns. It cools the burn area upon application and dissipates the heat. Do not apply this gel on broken or blistered skin.


A swab is a piece of porous material like cotton or gauze wrapped around the ends of a short, slim stick. It is used for putting medications on a wound.

Thermal Blanket

Retain up to 90% of body heat to prevent Hypothermia.

Medication case

A medication case contains prescribed medications for the owner of the kit. It contains medications like Aspirin to ease minor pains, fevers and aches, and other medications.


If you are wondering while a boo boo kit is still essential since there is a trauma kit or IFAK. The fact is that a boo boo kit is unique. It is very handy, and its contents can be accessed in an emergency because it can be kept close to you at all times.

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