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Why do you need trauma bag for Motocycle ?

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

A trauma bag is a medical kit containing supplies or items used to control bleeding and tend to injuries in case of emergency. The contents of the trauma bag are, particularly for immediate life-threatening injuries. The bag contains three different types of products: prevention products for preventing injuries, action products that are used after an accident, and recovery and stabilization products to relieve pain and aid in speeding up the process of recovery. The lifesaving items this bag contain include tourniquets, pressure dressings, hemostatic gauze, nasopharyngeal airways (NPA).

Riding your motorcycle can be a thrilling experience, but it is also essential to be prepared for any emergency. Having and being trained in how to use a trauma kit would be very useful in an emergency. So in this article, we will be looking at some of the importance of having a trauma bag with your motorcycle.

  • The waiting time between when an accident occurs and when emergency medical service arrives could be the defining moment between saving someone’s life and a fatal situation. In the United States, the average response time for an ambulance is five minutes, while if you are on a country or mountain road, the response time could run into 30 minutes. At the same time, you could suffer from brain damage due to cardiac arrest or bleed out of your femoral artery if lacerated in five minutes unless you receive some medical attention. With the items in the trauma bag, such as the tourniquet, you can stop or control major bleeding and keep the person alive until the appropriate medical attention arrives.

  • You could also be riding with friends, and someone gets into an accident and sustains injuries, or you could meet someone on the way who needs emergency medical attention. If the person in distress has a trauma bag with them but cannot help themselves, it makes it much easier for you to help them out because you would have the appropriate items to do so. You can also render help to the person with items from your trauma bag if you have one with you. Although you can improvise some of the items in the trauma bag, the time it would take to look for those improvements could also be definitive in helping the victim and helping them stay alive.

  • With the minor wound care items in the kit, you can also quickly take care of those kinds of wounds and continue your journey if you can or go to the nearest hospital to be checked and cleared by a professional. One important skill it would be important for you to also have is the knowledge of CPR.


Whether it’s used to offer assistance to someone else or you make use of it all by yourself, the trauma bag is important to have on your motorcycle. Is is a life saver and useful at all times.

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