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Discover the Group-Care Backpack Medical Kit, expertly designed for group medical scenarios. Combining the sturdiness of nylon material with dependable YKK zippers, this backpack is both lightweight and thin, offering ease of carry without sacrificing capacity.


Key Features:
Material: Crafted from robust nylon for durability and resilience in diverse environments.
Zipper: Equipped with high-quality YKK zippers for smooth and reliable functionality.
Lightweight and Slim Profile: Specifically designed to be both lightweight and slim, ensuring easy transportation and storage while providing ample space.
Modular Mesh Pouch: Features an inner modular mesh pouch, ideal for categorizing and storing different medical supplies such as airway tools, bleeding control equipment, bandaging materials, and more. These pouches are easily detachable with Velcro for swift access.
Large Panel with Attachment Straps: Includes a large panel with straps for securing and organizing a variety of medical supplies.
MOLLE Design with Full Velcro Surface: The backpack boasts a full Velcro surface complemented by a robust MOLLE design. The outer Velcro is specifically intended for holding tourniquets, allowing for immediate access in critical situations, saving valuable time.
Dedicated Trauma Shear Pouch: A unique pouch specifically for storing trauma shears, ensuring they are always at hand when needed.
Straps for Soft Litter: Equipped with two straps at the bottom for carrying a soft litter, facilitating efficient patient transport in emergencies.
Ideal for emergency response teams, outdoor group activities, and tactical operations, this Group-Care Backpack Medical Kit is designed for quick access, organization, and ease of use. Be ready for any medical emergency with this comprehensive, user-friendly medical backpack.   


Contents list for reference:

1. Trauma Bandage 4 inches - 4 pieces
2. Z-fold compressed Gauze - 6 pcs.
3. Decompression needle - 4 pcs.
4. Ventilated occlusion - 4 pcs;    unventilated - 4 pcs.
5. Reinforced Duct tape - 4 pcs.
6. Self-focusing bandage - 4 pcs.
7. Tactical Tourniquet - 8 pcs.  
8. Nasal airway plus lubricant - 4 pcs.
9. Eye shield - 8 pcs.
10. Tactical scissors - 2 pcs.
11. Rescue blanket - 6 pcs.
12. Hemostatic dressing 3.7 m - 4 pcs
13. Gloves - 4 pairs
14. Anti-burn dressings 10*10 cm - 4 pcs
15. Marker - 2 pcs.
16. Cases for pain relief - 5 pcs. 
17. Casualty card - 6 pcs. 
18. Splint Folded - 2 pcs.
19. Trauma Bandage 6’ - 4 pieces
20. Dressing bandage - 4 pcs.


YEYETAC™ Tactical Medical Backpack S (Coyote)

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