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Medical kit for The War between Ukraine and Russia

The on-going war between Ukraine and Russians has seen numerous casualties. The constant bombing of the country by Russian forces has left Ukrainian scouts without food, water, and medical supplies, leading to many causalities.

Given the conflict between these countries, it is essential to have first aid kits on hand that can help support Ukraine citizens to stay alive and healthy until proper help arrives.

Most times picking the right medical supplies or first aid kits can be daunting. To help you find the best donated supplies for the Ukraine people, we have compiled this list.

Top 5 medical supplies and first aid kits for Ukraine people

Vented Chest seals

Vented Chest seals are essential medical supplies for the war in Ukraine. This first aid kits can be used in stopping bleeding sustained from gun shot.

If a person has a sucking chest wound due to broken ribs, etc., venting the wound with a chest seal can save their life until they can get to hospital care.

They come in all shapes and sizes: Do not confuse these with ordinary bandages—vented chest seals must create an airtight seal on your skin.

Some have valves to make it easier; others require you to squeeze the air out of a pouch as you wrap it around your body.


The tourniquets are medical kits that are best kept around in case of emergency instead of brought along on every mission.

It is instrumental in stopping bleeding from a wound on a limb, but it is not something you want to use unless necessary. It is good for Ukraine soldiers to have one in their medical kits.

Keep it clean and dry at all times. If you are going to store your tourniquet medical kits for any length of time, keep it out of direct sunlight.

Do not store it in a hot car! Tourniquets first aid kits are designed with specific materials that can become brittle over time due to exposure to heat or cold.


Celox are vital medical supplies for the Ukrainian people because it comes in the form of granules that can be poured into wounds or applied directly to cuts.

The best part is that Celox forms a natural clot within 5-10 minutes and helps stem blood flow long enough for patients to get the necessary care.

Ukrainian soldiers would often carry CELOX packets in their first aid kits to stop severe bleeding before getting a chance to use tourniquets or other more advanced techniques.

Compressed Gauze

Compressed Gauze is also an essential medical kit for the Ukraine-Russia war. Compressed Gauze can stop bleeding immediately and reduce the risk of infection by slowing blood flow for up to 24 hours after application.

Compressed Gauze does not need to be changed after every single injury, eliminating excess waste in a combat situation—a significant bonus for injured soldiers in a crisis zone.

Trauma bandage

The trauma bandages are vital first aid kits to support Ukraine soldiers, it help with bleeding wounds.

If a soldier does not have one of these bandages, they are limited in what they can do to help themselves until they can reach a hospital. It is not an ideal situation for anyone involved.

Without immediate action, some Ukraine people in the country may suffer from amputations due to loss of blood.


Ointment is a vital medical kit supply. Many conditions can be treated with a basic antibiotic cream or lotion.

For scouts who do not have access to a hospital, these medicated creams or ointments will help treat minor burns, scratches, bug bites and rashes that occur on long hikes through brush or across rough terrain.

Surgical set

Surgical sets are a vital medical supply. They can be used to set bones, stitch wounds, or perform other surgical procedures.

When used in combination with other supplies such as gloves and saline solution, a basic surgical set is enough to treat minor injuries.

Eye Protection

The intense sun in Ukraine can cause serious eye damage, including cataracts. It’s important to protect your eyes while on duty. As a scout, wear sunglasses with UV protection whenever you are outside.


The Ukrainian troops that stay on the front lines fighting for freedom are risking their lives to stop the war against Russia.

Therefore, having a medical kit in Ukraine is crucial to keep their forces strong. These kits should be stored in military vaults away from the enemy line of sight because they are vulnerable to air attacks from Russian drones or jets.

Other essential medical kits for Ukraine people and their family and friends include band aids, medical gloves, duct tape, cardboard boxes.

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