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Top 4 First Aid Kits manufactures in Germany


Location: Hamburg Company type: Manufacturer Year Founded: 1936 Key Products: First Aid Kits Website: hanshepp.de Founded in April 1936 in Hamburg by its namesake, HEPP has always been a pioneer in the field of first aid equipment. It was the company's founder Hans Hepp himself who pioneered the initial equipping of passenger cars with first aid kits. As early as 1965, three years before the new DIN standard for the carriage of first-aid kits was issued in Germany, Hans Hepp was able to convince Mercedes-Benz to equip its cars with HEPP first-aid kits.

Franz Kalff GmbH

Location: Euskirchen

Company type: Manufacturer

Year Founded: 1883

Key products: First Aid Kits

Website: franzkalff.de

Franz Kalff can look back on a success story of more than 130 years. This is because we combine continuity and innovation for our customers. We are guided by our mission, which is: Our products are to provide excellent first aid in road traffic, in companies, at home or during leisure activities worldwide, and our everyday aids are to make the daily lives of people with physical disabilities easier.


Location: Euskirchen

Company Type: Manufacturer

Year Founded: 1935

Key Products: First Aid Kits

Website: en.soehngen.com

Manufactures of premium woundcare, first-aid and emergency medical quipment. We pride ourselves on being able to design and manufacture first-aid and emergency medical systems of the highest quality, reliability and innovation, yet at fair prices and conditions for all our customers.


Location: Buchloe

Company Type: Manufacturer

Year Founded: 1972

Key Products: First Aid Kits

Website: franz-mensch.de

Franz Mensch GmbH is a top suppliers for hygiene, cleaning, packaging and workwear and is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of certified disposable products for the food industry, gastronomy, hotels, nursing, hospitals, industry and trade. Their products are used in hospitals, doctors and nursing, in the food industry, hospitality and hotels, as well as in industry and craft - wherever hygiene, cleaning, work safety and packaging play an important role. And that worldwide.

However, importing first aid kits from China is also a good choice.

YEYE Tactical

Location: China

Company Type: Manufacturer

Key Products: First Aid Kits/IFAKs

Website: www.yeyemedic.com

Yeye Tactical is a first class manufacturing firm based in China, specialize in the design, development, and production of high quality tactical medical care products. We are also known for our high quality and durable First Aid kits, trauma kits, tourniquets, trauma bandages, medical pouches, chest seals, decompression needles and other essential tactical casualty care products.

All products are made from superior quality materials and are effective in providing immediate trauma care at the point of injury. Some of our custom-designed and patented trauma kits are currently used by the American Special Weapons and Tactics, SWAT team for field operations with good feedback.

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