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6 Essential medical gears should be contained in Police Medical Bag

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

The importance of the police medic bag cannot be overemphasized. This first aid equipment kit carried by paramilitary personnel contains the right equipment needed to handle gunshot wounds and stab wounds during high-risk activities.

This article takes a detailed look at the police medic bag and what should be contained in it. Read to find out more.

Why is the police medic bag of great importance?

Over the years, the high rate of casualties resulting from mass shootings has made it necessary for military and paramilitary operatives to prepare and provide immediate life-saving first aid to injured people. Police Medic bags are life-saving first aid kits containing important instruments that can be administered to a person when there is rapid bleeding or airway obstruction.

Items that should be in a Police Medic bag

Some of the key items that must be contained in a police medic bag include the following:

  • 2 pairs Gloves

  • 2 pairs tourniquets

  • 1 Compressed Gauze

  • 2 vented chest seals

  • 1 trauma shears

  • A quick-release IFAK or Drop Leg pouch

Essential equipment for Police Medi Bag


Tourniquets are a type of bandage that stops bleeding from an artery. They are very important in controlling massive hemorrhage by applying pressure. If an officer is skilled in using a tourniquet, they will save lots of injured victims from preventable death. You can either choose to use the CAT or SOFT Tourniquet. However, for a one-hand application, the CAT tourniquet is the best option. While for leg application, you can opt for the SOFT tourniquet.

2 pairs Gloves

A police medic bag should also contain two pairs of Nitrile gloves. This type of glove is more resistant to chemicals and punctures.

Trauma dressing

A trauma dress stops blood flow by applying pressure to the wound rather than just covering it and only absorbing the blood.

Vented Chest seal

The vented chest seal is designed to prevent penetrating chest trauma wounds from developing into a fatal tension pneumothorax. The vent on the chest seal allows air to escape the thorax while preventing outside air from entering.

Compressed Gauze

Compressed rolled gauze can be used in a variety of ways to control hemorrhage or bandage wounds. The gauze must be a sterile bandage type which is four-inch wide.

Trauma Shears

This is a type of scissors used by paramedics or emergency workers to safely cut clothing to show the wound and do applications.


As stated in this article, the police medic bag plays an all important role. It contains essential first aid kits that help paramilitary personnel to save lives and handle injuries associated with gunshot wounds or stab wounds during high-risk activities.

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